You're here because you acknowledge (and struggle with) the increasingly global and complex regulatory landscape. 🌍

You suspect or know that the GDPR applies to you, but you're not sure how much and if you're required to appoint a DPO or an EU representative.

You might be on your way out of the startup phase, looking to streamline internal processes, a corporation investigating the GDPR's territorial scope as it might apply to you, in need of a privacy and data protection due diligence for M&As, or just wanting to know your current compliance status. Or you might be a (Group) DPO looking for a discussion partner.

You've feared stirring up a hornets' nest 🐝 of compliance issues, but you know you can't delay this any longer.

You need overview - to regain control. You want to know exactly what applies for your particular business and situation, and what's urgent, must-haves vs. "this can wait" and nice-to-haves.

And the last thing you want, is to get ripped off by consultants or lawyers (you're already painfully aware of extortionate fees for anything related to legal...). 💸

The help

We have two important messages for you:

  1. Don't aim for 100% compliance.
  2. Don't aim to do it all at once.

Compliance is a journey. To ensure organizational success, you need to get your folks on board, buy-in and support, on all levels (from the team member talking directly to your leads and customers, to the Chair of the Board). You need knowledge and awareness, and internal policies and procedures that works (i.e. gets adhered to).

Compliance is value. You can close deals (faster) with strategic compliance. And you can reduce business risk significantly by being prepared and have a robust framework in place.

Compliance can be costly and frustrating. But it doesn't have to be - with the right partner. Then it can be a value-add and fun. (OK, perhaps not fun, like we have, but at least not a drag!)

Read more here on how you can partner with us.

The company

NoTies.Consulting is the international brand name for Bedre Bedrift AS, a Norwegian-registered limited liability company (see our public record here). We deliver privacy and data protection consulting services globally (also see our separate sites for SaaS and Norway).

The privacy enthusiast

Hi there, my name is Rie Aleksandra and I'm the founder of NoTies.Consulting (Bedre Bedrift AS). 👋

In addition to running this firm, I'm the external Privacy Officer for Fathom Analytics (Canada) and Padlet (US), and external Data Protection Officer for Postmark (US) and Banzai (US).

I'm also fortunate enough to work with a range of experienced professionals in the fields of privacy, data protection and cyber security, including consultants and lawyers in both the EEA and the US.

With a burning passion for privacy and our right to a private life, I've worked exclusively in this field over the past years, with over a hundred businesses and organizations in countries such as the US, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Norway, to mention a few - including from both the public and the private sector. I'm also a guest lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School and Kristiania University College.

My focus exceeds traditional consulting services. If you only need a pair of hands helping you fill out policies and procedures, you're in the wrong place. ❌

If you're looking for someone who's gone as broad as deep in privacy and data protection and who can truly be a trusted and knowledgeable advisor and partner, you're in the right place.

My 15+ years of experience includes work in the Nordics and the Middle East, with business development, pursuits management, digitalization projects and strategy at Ernst & Young, Nordic Innovation, in the Norwegian public sector and in higher education.

My full CV, credentials and references are available on LinkedIn (where you also can follow my free updates on GDPR fines 💸, decisions and rulings from regulators) and testimonials at my page here.

I have a genuine interest in the GDPR. Not as a law text per se, but due to my true passion for privacy and our right to control our own data.

My enthusiasm around privacy and data protection is contagious, which is also one of the things my clients truly appreciate when working with me. Consider yourself warned. ;)