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Overhaul your compliance training with speaking that engages and educates, not exasperates...


Death by risk assessments! Or was it Powerpoint...

Five months later, I still clearly remember your inspiring keynote «Death by risk assessments»! What stood out to me was your blend of humour and key insights—it wasn't mere entertainment. Actually, I’ve since applied several of your recommendations actively into our work!

~Benedicte, Sikkerhetsansvarleg Region Nordhordland IKS

It was a pleasure to have Rie present to our team last year in London on the intricacies of simplifying privacy processes, including assessments. What stood out was her ability to distil complex privacy concepts into understandable elements, making the daunting seem manageable.

~Angelica, Data Privacy Manager @ PepsiCo

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The video snippet above is from my keynote "Death by risk assessments" (with 78 slides in 25 min... sometimes the title writes itself!).

I'm on a mission to overhaul compliance training and learning.

If there's one thing I enjoy more than digging through court rulings, DPA decisions and EDPB guidelines, it's helping people understand the GDPR, (e)privacy and data protection!

But I'm fully aware that not everyone thinks the GDPR is as exciting as I do.

Especially as some think all of this is pretty dry stuff, it's crucial to communicate in an engaging way.

My keynotes and trainings are chemically free of legalese and pompousness (no ties!), and tailored to your company, culture and people.

So elevate your events with speaking that engages and educates, not exasperates...

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Rie is a highly motivational and inspirational speaker. She combines in-depth knowledge and vast experience in privacy issues with an ability to entertain and enlighten the audience. She gave one of the best talks on the topic of risk assessment that I’ve ever heard.

~Knut, InfoSec @Sarpsborg municipality

Meeting Rie at the annual KiNS-conference in Norway in 2023 was of great inspiration to me! She is a sparkling performer on stage, and she rocks the GDPR field with her inside knowledge, challenging the «old news» around her with new input.

~Anne-Kristin, Head of Groups & Meetings Berg-Hansen Agder

Rie kicked-off our annual event of privacy officers, teachers, vendors, purveyors, organisations and a broad variety of involved for a two day work-shop. She managed beautifully to inspire, make us laugh, feel disturbed and enthusiastic about a topic which generally comes out as rather hard to sell in.

~Christian, Project manager @SkoleSec, KS

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