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A note from the founder, Rie Aleksandra Walle:

My aim with the GDPR is to make privacy more available to everyone, making the complex simpler, and help you deal with the requirements in a pragmatic, practical way.

But remember, the GDPR is nothing a software, plugin, an external consultant, nor a lawyer, can do for you.

Regardless of the size of your business, you, as the business owner, still need to understand the basics of the law and ensure you do the right things for you. Privacy and data protection are matters for the Board and top management, not a tick-box compliance exercise.

A final tip: whenever you work with or want to learn about the GDPR, avoid random forum posts, blogs or Facebook discussions - and only rely on credible sources.

PS: I know that many feel that the GDPR is overwhelming, but keep in mind that the law is here to protect you, and your personal data. ;)

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