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NoTies Consulting offers training, teaching, speaking & consulting services for businesses, and curated content for fellow DPOs and other GDPR practitioners.

GDPR folks

First and foremost: Join the DPO Hub.

You're in privacy and data protection - chasing that DPO, CIP[PE/M/T] certification - or more seasoned, like a Group DPO. But like the rest of us, you're utterly overwhelmed by the firehose of constant regulatory changes... You'd love some help keeping up to date with the most relevant cases and news, a sparring partner for tricky role or scope assessments, or with research for a client you're assisting in a DPA audit. 🧐

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Your GDPR work is likely in chaos. Efforts have been ad-hoc, documents are stored in various folders, you sort-of know which systems you use for personal data and you did update that privacy policy in ... was it (25 May) 2018? 🤔 And if you're a SaaS processor headquartered outside of Europe, you struggle to convince EEA-based prospects in RfP processes that you comply with the GDPR. It's time for a GDPR Audit and a critical - but pragmatic - view on (and help with) your compliance work.

And here's a free tip: notify EEA authorities about personal data breaches involving one single person within 72 hours - or get fined $240,000.

SaaS Founders

For bootstrapped SaaS startups ❤️ with 1-2 full-time people who have the same struggles above but cannot afford to hire external help directly: click here.

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