Cookies 🍪

A "cookie" is a small piece of data that your browser receives from websites you visit, and which is stored as a file on your hard drive.

Cookies are often necessary to make a website work, others to give you a good user experience, for example remembering if you are logged in to my course portal, or to analyze website traffic.

When you use this website, I want to process as little personal information as possible.

And because I truly honor your privacy, I stopped using Google Analytics years ago (when I realized how much data about my website visitors I was sharing with them, that they again use for their own ad purposes and also sell to the highest bidder...).

Still, I run a business and website insights are important.

So after carefully considering three alternatives (and well before I became their Privacy Officer, mind you) , I chose Fathom Analytics, to safeguard your privacy in the best possible way. And because they're awesome (who doesn't like a privacy-focused startup fighting to improve privacy globally!).

Importantly, Fathom Analytics doesn't set or use cookies in any way.

The cookie you might get from using this website, is one for if/when you select the dark mode. You can delete this cookie from your local storage.


If you have comments or questions, feel free to reach out. You can also read the full privacy notice here, which also describes the legal grounds we rely on for using analytics on this website.

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