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Why is the GDPR so excruciatingly boring?

And why is it so much of it... (at least for DPOs).

CJEU rulings, EDPB (and WP29) guidelines, Art. 65 decisions, not to mention ePrivacy, AI, cybersecurity, marketing... the list goes on.

This post shows just some of what happened in 2023 alone, including 32 CJEU rulings! 🤯

Which is why I made the DPO Hub (not just for DPOs), and curated GDPR news for years on LinkedIn, as you can see below. And in this newsletter, I talk about how we can make the GDPR more fun (for everyone)!

At the very least, not excruciatingly boring, with simple tweaks. For a preview, check out this article, originally shared through a CDPO newsletter.

Expect 1-2 emails a month. Your personal data won't be used for anything nefarious but still read the full privacy notice. PS: I use a German-based ESP with no 3rd-country transfers and NO analytics.

The pressure to be an expert has never been greater, especially for DPOs.

🧯 With the fire-hose of constant regulatory changes, GDPR practitioners are overwhelmed and it often feels impossible to keep up.

After sharing actively on LinkedIn for the past years, my peers tell me that they appreciate my curated content of both big news and interesting tidbits from across the EEA.

I deep-dive into CJEU rulings, the EDPB's work (sometimes holding them accountable for subpar work), DPA decisions (discussing these with folks from the DPAs on our Grumpy GDPR podcast) and national court rulings (like this goldmine for 🇸🇪 DPOs), including having translated 75 cases for the GDPRhub (which has 3185 decisions, counting) on a volunteer basis since 2020, and I regularly revisit WP29 documents.

I not only focus on breaking news, like when the 🇸🇪 DPA ordered controllers to stop using Google Analytics or the 🇮🇹 one banned ChatGPT, but key takeaways and practical recommendations.

And I get really grumpy when people first offer something for free to our community, then start promoting their services...

Combined with my practical, hands-on experience having worked directly with close to 100 organisations on all aspects of the GDPR, including managing large implementation projects for higher education institutions - I'm confident I have valuable experiences to share with you.

And here I share how I went from GDPR n00b to award nominee in 6 years.

For years I've shared these experiences with our community. Some insights, though, don't always fit open platforms - like some tidbits from the Grumpy GDPR podcast recordings. 😆

Hence - The Curated DPO newsletter was created! Join me today:

Expect 1-2 emails a month. Your personal data won't be used for anything nefarious but still read the full privacy notice. PS: I use a German ESP with no 3rd-country transfers and NO analytics.

PS: Years of leading complex, cross-country projects has been invaluable in my GDPR work (both my own and with clients). No way could I have run this one-woman-show on this level without solid structure, templates (GDPR Audits, policies, projects), swipefiles (200+ records ROPA, customer success emails) and processes/systems (vendor GDPR due diligence, risk assessment frameworks)! I'll also be sharing some of this going forward.

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